The owner of Personal Touch Carpet Care, David Sanders, is launching a charity program called Personal Care to help the disadvantaged, disabled and the elderly living in the Fayetteville community. He has decided to donate 5% of sales when a customer wants to surprise someone they know with a free gift, freshly cleaned carpets.

This is how it works

Frist, customer must call to schedule cleaning.

Second, customer tells us that they would like to participate in our Personal Care Charity Program.

Third, customers will be given a drawing ticket and once a month the 5% from all the customers who participated will be combined. Personal Touch will draw the winning ticket and then the customer will tell the person they want to help to call to schedule their free carpet cleaning.

So when we arrive to clean their carpet they must give us the winning ticket.

This program is totally free. Customers will not be asked to contribute money to support this program.

Personal Touch will give 5% of sales to fund this free gift.

Each month we will feature on our website a testimonial from you (our client) on how your loved ones felt about their free gift. The name of the recipient of this free gift will be kept confidential.