Hardwood floor cleaning, screening and refinishing

Personal Touch is certified in wood floor maintenance and Dust Free Recoating. Our wood floor maintenance system safely removes acrylic product buildup (acrylic is a product that is sold in stores, it leaves floors lifeless and with an uneven sheen). To have wood floors return to their original shine, the acrylic finish must be removed. Our system also removes drywall dust, dirt, grime, and greasy residue like on kitchen floors. We can remove scratches and apply a durable water-based urethane coating.

The genius of our dust-free system is that we restore your beautiful floors in less time with no dust or mess. Wood floors can be re-coated in one day and you can be back in business the next day. Depending on the finish you select, you can walk on the wood floor in one hour! If you have a damaged wood board we can repair it on site.

Screen floor to remove scratches

Remove old acrylic finish

After acrylic finish is removed

Applying urethane coating